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posted by colin on Oct 9

In May of 2011, President Felipe Calderon (president ofMexico) reassured travel executives attending a global tourism summit in Las Vegas that “Mexico is a safe place to visit”.

Despite Calderon’s comforting words, various news programsand magazine articles have left some of us asking whether or not we should go.

Mexico is a large country, and so any attempt to answer that question should probably focus on those places that are safest for travelers.  On April 22nd, the US Department of State issued a Travel Warning to inform US citizens aboutsecurity situation in Mexico.  In the Travel Warning, the Dept. of State specified that “resort areas and tourist destinations in Mexico are generally do notsee the levels of drug related violence and crime reported in the border region
and in areas along major trafficking routes

Anecdotally, I can report that my wife and I spent two weeksin and around Cancun in May.   We took taxis into town and buses to attractions outside of the populated areas and never had any problems or felt uneasy at all.   The locals were always friendly and very helpful.  Most are very proficient in English.  We are heading to Playa del Carmen in December without giving it a second doubt!

And what about our guests?  Are they concerned about venturing to Mexico?  We have had a few inquiries about this
topic.  Safety questions do arise once in a while.  To questions such as “how safe is it? and Is the media blowing it out of proportion?”  I insist that you should use common sense.  Be alert, stay in populated areas, don’t wear expensive jewelry away from the resort, late night activities away from your resort should be curtailed, be respectful of your surroundings.  The same advice that I would give if traveling to NYC, Washington DC or LosAngles.   Use your head,  contact KokoTravel for your next Mexico vacation and you’ll have a great time!!!


posted by colin on May 27

As you stroll into Grand Mayan Los Cabos  Los Cabos Wyndham Alliance Resort and you’ll think you’ve walked into either an untouched Mayan pyramid or the funkiest club south of Los Angeles.  After the glaring sun of Los Cabos, you might be momentarily dazed by the complete darkness that surrounds you, then pleasantly shocked by two gigantic Mayan gods welcoming you to your latest find – a reasonably priced resort that does not skimp on convenience or elegance, with top-of-the-line everything and an air of family friendliness that convinces you to put your feet up and stay a while.

Room to Grow

The guest rooms at The Grand Mayan Los Cabos are a bit more subdued but still warm, welcoming, colorful, and functional. There’s been no scrimping on room space, so clients will feel very comfortable even if they stay four to a room.  The family room suites have sofa beds that are as comfy to sleep in as they are to sit, and there are TVs in both this room and the bedroom.  The kitchens are fully equipped with modern appliances, table and silverware, utensils, and toaster…pretty much everything one would ever need, down to the blender for making one’s own fruity drinks.

The bedroom, as well as Grand Rooms, is large and lovely, with a sitting area (including another sofa bed) all its own with homey touches – multicolored cushions, a huge jacuzzi tub connecting the bathroom to the bedroom and vibrant colors on the wall that go well with a Mexican stay. Some suites have a flunge pool in their large balconies. New to the resort are You and Me suites, prefect for couples or newlyweds. Here, direct ocean views, Bvlgari amenities and candles help set the mood. 

The Grand Mayan Los Cabos has two restaurants for guests. There’s the Grand Café, which offers a generous buffet for breakfast (a la carte choices are available in the morning as well) and a vast menu for dinner. The other restaurant, Peri Q, is right by the pool and serves delicious frozen margaritas as well as seafood dishes, Mediterranean specialties and all the usual favorites of a beach vacation. The Grand Mayan has full room service around the clock for days when clients would rather enjoy your guestroom

The Grand Mayan Los Cabos is located right at the entrance of San Jose del Cabo, steps away from the Sea of Cortez. San Jose is still growing, with more restaurants and stores than we’ve ever seen, all within walking distance from  Grand Mayan .

One of the most popular dining options in town is La Panga Antigua, where Mexican dishes enjoy a contemporary spin and organic greens are a regular accompaniment to the freshest of seafood. The restaurant’s décor is also enticing, with Old World details and a romantic courtyard rife with ambiance.

Sarah Munoz Review of Grand Mayan Resort In Cabo

posted by Donna-Lee on Nov 23

 San Jose del Cabo is a great place to spend a leisurely day of shopping in the historic downtown area. Most of the shops are located a short distance from the main plaza and church.  

 Many of the shops in San Jose are smaller specialty shops that sell gifts, crafts and clothing from all over México along with some that specialize in local creations. The shopping atmosphere around the plaza is casual and relaxed, allowing you to fully enjoy the old town ambience of downtown San Jose.  

There are a few shopping plazas in the town that are (sometimes) more modern, but you can most likely find just about anything you may need within walking distance of the main plaza. Mixed in among the shops you will find enough small cafes and restaurants to keep you alert for your shopping expedition.

posted by Donna-Lee on Nov 23

Sport Fishing Cabo San Lucas

The sport fishing in the Los Cabos area is unparalleled in the world.  Marlin of the blue, black and striped variety. Sailfish, Dorado (also known as mahi mahi or dolphin fish), Tuna, Wahoo, Roosterfish and endless varieties of bottom fish and surf fish. Los Cabos is, by far, the world’s very best all around location for sport fishing. Even if you are not an avid fisherman, you should try your hand at  fishing while visiting.

The local “PANGAS” of La Playita are the specialty here in San Jose.  The panga fleet offers a relatively inexpensive way to catch your trophy fish while having a lot of fun on the water.  Surf fishing also can be very productive here and can be great fun for the whole family.  The beaches of La Playita, near the panga fleet, and all of shoreline east of La Playita are very productive fisheries, even from the beach.  Pack a lunch, have a picnic on the beach and most importantly, relax and enjoy yourself.

Los Cabos has long been one of Mexico’s most popular Sportfishing destinations. You can go after the many favorites of sport fishermen, Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado, Wahoo, Roosterfish, Grouper and Yellow Fin Tuna.   San Jose del Cabo has it’s own panga fleet located In La Playita. The panga fleet offers a relatively inexpensive way to catch your trophy fish while having a lot of fun on the water.  Surf fishing also can be very productive here and can be great fun for the whole family. 

The beaches of La Playita, near the panga fleet, and all of shoreline east of La Playita are very productive fisheries, even from the beach.   This is one of the most successful panga fleet operations in the entire world.  Just because the pangas are small in size (when compared to some of the cruisers), don’t think for a minute that these boats aren’t capable of catching “the big one”. The San Jose panga fleet is just a short distance away from some of the richest fishing grounds in the entire world. These fishermen are some of the most experienced in México, and their daily catch ratio is among the best. Although they generally specialize in the smaller species of game fish, they regularly catch striped or blue marlin and some very sizeable Yellow Fin Tuna.

We are also listing some of the fishing fleets that are located in Cabo San Lucas, for your convenience, as we realize that panga fishing is not for everybody. Cabo San Lucas has a large, modern marina and some of the finest charter boats in the world call this marina home.  The comfort of an enclosed cruiser is often called for, depending on the weather and the wife or girlfriend.

If you should happen to catch Dorado, Wahoo, Tuna or Grouper, ask your captain about having your fish prepared, while it is still fresh, at one of the local restaurants. If you wish to bring you fish back with you, have it frozen by your charter operator. Make sure to check with your airline as rules regarding the types of acceptable coolers, used to transport your catch, vary by airline.

Pack a lunch, have a picnic on the beach and most importantly, relax and enjoy yourself.

Stay in this charming, relaxing environment, we recommend the Cabo San Lucas Playa del Sol Resort. 

Our Playa del Sol time share rental is available for your use at a very affordable vacation rates.

posted by Donna-Lee on Nov 22

San Jose del Cabo is laid out differently than most beach resorts. 

The downtown area is actually about a mile away from the beach.  What most would consider the main beach, in the hotel zone, is really not very popular and not really safe for swimming much of the year. 

Costa Azul, an area of resort condos, is probably the most popular beach in San Jose del Cabo.  The very west end of this long stretch of beach is home to San Jose’s popular surfing breaks.  

To the east of San Jose is La Playita, the popular starting point for the areas panga fleet.  To the east of La Playita lie miles and miles of deserted beaches, in an area known as the East Cape. 

This stretch of the shoreline of the Sea of Cortez is getting more popular yearly and for good reason.  The dirt road that lingers along this stretch of beach is famous for being in terrible shape, although the government has been promising to pave it for years.  A trip along the East Cape can be a rewarding experience, it can also be a bit rough on your tailbone. 

There are also many quiet beaches and coves located in the Corridor between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas if you want to explore on your own.

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