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posted by Donna-Lee on Oct 22

Palace Resorts Members Offer Best Deal On All Inclusive Resorts

Palace Resorts Members Offer Best Deal On All Inclusive Resorts

Here’s a great way to get the best deals on adults only all inclusive Mexico resorts as well as all inclusive family resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean.  

Palace Resorts members can offer you a way to save  on your 5 and 6 star all inclusive, Mexico and Dominican Republic Vacation.  Palace Resorts timeshare VIP members typically buy several hundred discounted weeks that they may not be able to use themselves; and are happy to be able to share with their family and friends . If you do a google search for presidential palace resorts VIP member you can contact a member willing to rent to people who don’t have a need to own a timeshare ,  but still would like to experience the benefits of a timeshare owner and resort member.   Members receive special benefits, like 1500 Vacation Dollar credits, that you would also recieve.


Selling the use of their VIP memberships helps them to pay down the balances that they owe  and still provide you with an average savings of $700 per week on the room and board  alone for your all inclusive Mexico vacation.   If you stay at any of the Palace Resorts as a guest of a VIP member  your all inclusive resort vacation will be even more memorable because of the benefits that they have paid for in advance, with their timeshare purchase. You get to travel to any of the five star Palace Resorts at a great weekly discount, oftentimes saving almost $100 per night off of the rates.  Additionally, check in will be a breeze with member express check in, priority in room assignments (and thus more ocean front/view rooms), and, if the VIP member still has one available,  you may want to ask for to use a Presidential suite.


Aventura Palace Resorts Presidential Suite

Aventura Palace Resorts Presidential Suite


The Palace Resorts Presidential Suites are two bedroom, 3 bath, living room and dining room, that is fabulous for two couples or a family with children.  This is a fantastic benefit as the Presidential suites during high season often rent for over $10,000 per week!  Many rent for as high as $18,000 per week in the Cancun resort area.  If you find the right Palace Resorts Presidential Palace Premier member, you will also have the opportunity to rent a family room which is two bedrooms adjoining for families with children.


There are also a few Palace Resorts VIP members that have purchased an upgrade package, you  you may have an opportunity for   an all inclusive Mexico vacation at the very highly rated  Le Blanc Resort in Cancun Mexico. Many reviews claim that a week at LeBlanc has been their ultimate dream Cancun resort vacation.  Celebrities and royalty have stayed at Le Blanc because of the luxury.  This is an amazing adults only resort, so is perfect for honeymoons, anniversary celebrations or romantic getaways.


Another wonderful benefit of traveling as a guest of a Palace Resort VIP member is that you also receive one free manicure, one free pedicure, and one free massage per adult PLUS, new in 2010, 1500 Vacation Dollars credit to be exchanged  for excursions, more spa treatments, golf, room upgrades, special dinners or more. Transportation to and from the Cancun airport is also included as part of the Palace Resorts VIP package. These benefits are not even factored into the $700 per week savings you receive on the room and board. There are also some members with all inclusive golf packages.


You may be wondering how a VIP Palace Resorts member can rent you their weeks and provide you with more that what travel agents or discount travel sources like Travelocity and Expedia can offer for much less.   Palace Resorts designates blocks of rooms for different purposes making them available only for that purpose.  They reserve rooms for the timeshare exchange companies as well as timeshare members with fixed week benefits.  The rooms available for the Palace Premier VIP Members are dependent upon the level of membership of the member.  Not all members have Presidential suite availability, Le Blanc, golf packages or even spa packages.

Palace Resorts offers some of the best all inclusive Mexico vacations. Palace Resorts Presidential Suites, Palace Premier Members timeshare rental offers you the best deals for your all inclusive Mexico Caribbean vacations.

posted by colin on Oct 9

In May of 2011, President Felipe Calderon (president ofMexico) reassured travel executives attending a global tourism summit in Las Vegas that “Mexico is a safe place to visit”.

Despite Calderon’s comforting words, various news programsand magazine articles have left some of us asking whether or not we should go.

Mexico is a large country, and so any attempt to answer that question should probably focus on those places that are safest for travelers.  On April 22nd, the US Department of State issued a Travel Warning to inform US citizens aboutsecurity situation in Mexico.  In the Travel Warning, the Dept. of State specified that “resort areas and tourist destinations in Mexico are generally do notsee the levels of drug related violence and crime reported in the border region
and in areas along major trafficking routes

Anecdotally, I can report that my wife and I spent two weeksin and around Cancun in May.   We took taxis into town and buses to attractions outside of the populated areas and never had any problems or felt uneasy at all.   The locals were always friendly and very helpful.  Most are very proficient in English.  We are heading to Playa del Carmen in December without giving it a second doubt!

And what about our guests?  Are they concerned about venturing to Mexico?  We have had a few inquiries about this
topic.  Safety questions do arise once in a while.  To questions such as “how safe is it? and Is the media blowing it out of proportion?”  I insist that you should use common sense.  Be alert, stay in populated areas, don’t wear expensive jewelry away from the resort, late night activities away from your resort should be curtailed, be respectful of your surroundings.  The same advice that I would give if traveling to NYC, Washington DC or LosAngles.   Use your head,  contact KokoTravel for your next Mexico vacation and you’ll have a great time!!!


posted by colin on Jan 29

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, located on Macao Beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, will officially open on Jan. 29, 2011. The 121-acre property is Hard Rock International’s first all-inclusive hotel and casino and also the company’s first Caribbean resort, which is operated by Palace Resorts. The official launch party will feature platinum international recording artists the Gypsy Kings featuring Nicolas Reyes and Tonino Baliardo. As part of the ceremony, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana will donate new guitars to benefit local children’s music education programs.

If you think you know what an all inclusive, upscale resort is, think again. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic defies any pre-concept you may have by providing you with a vacation destination like no other. And it is not just the inclusions and the service. You are in an environment where you and nature become one.
With the largest casino in the Dominican Republic covering 45,000 square feet of gaming space and 1,790 elegantly appointed rooms, the resort is designed to appeal to a varied range of guests. From families, couples, and friends, to casino players, golf enthusiasts and spa lovers, there is plenty for everyone. And its superb location, overlooking a golden beach, entices those looking for a resort that will certainly surpass their expectations to deliver the best all-inclusive experience. 

By early 2011, the resort will also feature an Oro nightclub, and a restaurant designed by acclaimed celebrity chef Kerry Simon. Guests will also enjoy 11 pools, four swim-up bars, a kid’s pool and lazy river.

Gourmet dining options include 11 restaurants, from the Brazilian steakhouse Ipema and the international buffet at The Market, to Asian Teppanyaki at Zen and brick-oven pizza at Pizzeto. On-site shopping includes jewelry and spa boutiques, and the resort’s exclusive Hard Rock memorabilia includes Elton John’s hand-painted piano, Tommy Lee’s Motley Crue silver space ship outfit, Gene Simmons’ custom axe base and Sammy Hagar’s 1926 hot rod. For more information, call 503-816.6587 or visit KokoTravel.

posted by colin on Jan 20

Riviera Maya New Adventure Park; Xplor

Is driving an unstoppable amphibious vehicle along the jungle, water, rocks and grottos your idea of fun? Or is it swimming through mysterious routes, surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites in underground caves? There’s a place underground where adventure beats at the same rhythm as your heart.

On July 7th, the Xcaret Group, proudly inaugurated Xplor Park. Located in the Riviera Maya, in the state of Quintana Roo, this 22 million dollar investment is ready to welcome visitors who are in search of adventure.

Xplor Park invites you to explore more than six miles of daunting borders between jungle, water, rocks and caverns. The park offers four different activities: swimming, zip lining, water rafting and individual travel inside caves. This park displays the region’s striking geology and is close to the zone that 65 million years ago was struck by an asteroid, which according to investigators, explains the extinction of dinosaurs.

Waiting for you at this underground world are 11 exciting zip-lines, journeys through the jungle on amphibious vehicles, stalactites and stalagmites surrounding you as you swim through the underground paradise, and raft navigation across subterranean caverns. The goal of Xplor Park is to expand the attractions offered to the tourism market, which has based its growth from the sun and beach sector, and capture new visitors through extreme sports.

Resorts in the Riviera Maya area:

Palace Resorts All Inclusive Mexico Vacations

Mayan Palace Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya

Mexico Vacation Rentals Best Mexico Family Vacations

posted by colin on Jul 6

Moon Palace Cancun Hosts Global Flu Summit


Acknowledged as one of the world’s finest meeting properties, Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort in Cancún, Mexico, was chosen to host the Global Flu Summit on July 1-3, 2009. The Global Flu Summit was held to reflect on the lessons learned from the Influenza A-H1N1 virus. Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon called the meeting to order on July 2, 2009 and then the attendees collaborated resources from around the world to uncover tools to  prevent, limit and mitigate the pandemic

Moon Palace Cancun

 Attendees included the World Health Organization General Director Margaret Chan, who recently praised Mexico for the openness and speed with which it implemented health measures, as well as Pan-American Health Organization General Director Mirta Roses, ministers of health from approximately 40 different countries and the highest level specialists and representatives from more than 50 countries. Mexico’s immediate reaction, taking control of the epidemic in a matter of a month, and acquired knowledge is proof that the world can only benefit from Mexico’s experience, said the country’s Minister of Health.


The Governor of Quintana Roo, Felix Gonzalez, emphasized the importance of this event, as it shows the reestablishment of confidence and trust in the country, especially in the Mexican Caribbean, where tourism continues to recuperate at a rapid pace and is almost back to normal seasonal occupancy levels. The Global Summit not only positioned all of Mexico and singled out Quintana Roo as a safe place for tourist activity, but also served as platform to exchange knowledge and information regarding Influenza A (H1N1) virus benefiting people around the worlds, added Gonzalez. 


Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort was chosen to host The Global Flu Summit due to its stunning meeting facilities at the largest convention center in Cancún, as well as its reputation for five-star service and amenities. The extraordinary conference center facilities include 142,000 square feet of flexible meeting space with permanent staging, the capacity for up to 8,600 attendees, and the option of 40 breakouts. Serving as one of the most technologically sophisticated resorts in Mexico, high tech board of director rooms and a business center will make these conference facilities ideal for the Global Flu Summit.


Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort is located on Cancun’s tranquil south shore, nestled between 123 acres of tropical foliage and secluded white sand beach. This quintessential Cancun family resort offers something for everyone, starting with 2,457 luxurious rooms, including waterside and garden view accommodations or golf villa suites. Two of the largest lagoon-style pools in Mexico wind their way along the beach for more than 650 feet and are complemented by two children’s pools, one Golf Club pool, six Jacuzzis and four swim-up bars. Additional on-site adventures range from a water sports marina and sporting activities to a fully equipped fitness center and private Kids Club. The Moon Spa & Golf Club is home to the only Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course in Cancun and one of Palace Resorts’ signature spas, which offers a complete hydrotherapy journey and signature treatments for the body and soul. Travelers enjoy a variety of international delights at 13 restaurants and premium beverages and nightly entertainment at 11 bars and lounges.


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